The number one question asked by our clients is “So what exactly do you do as a company?”.

The answer is simple. Everything.

Chimney Lining

Nowadays the most popular method of caring for your fireplace and home is to have the chimney lined. The most reliable and safe method to use is the installation of a ‘Twin Walled, Multi-Fuel Flexi-Liner’. Guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years with correct usage, they allow you to burn wood and coal in your Fire.

Existing chimneys can be used but they’ll need to undertake an ‘Integrity Test’ to make sure they are sound and fit to use. Chimneys deteriorate over the years and its extremely important to make sure they are safe and not leaking into any adjacent rooms or properties.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is a growing number for fatalities and lining your chimney is the number one method for stopping this happening.

Woodburning Stove Installation

Need a Woodburner/Multi-Fuel appliance to be fitted? Or want us to supply and fit one for you? There’s no job too big or too small. If you’re looking to source your stove yourself make sure the stove meets current regulations and specifications such as;

  • DEFRA Approved or supplied with a Smoke Control Kit
  • Wood burning or supplied with a Multi-Fuel Kit

There are many stoves out there you can purchase in store or online. But some are not as good as others. In our personal opinion a high quality stove will set you back at least £500. From experience, anything short of that price will cause you problems over time. We use the phrase “You pay for what you get” very often in this line of business.

Do you research thoroughly on any Woodburner before you buy. It’s not something you want to make a mistake on.

Gas Fires

Gas Fires are still ready and available. But are now the secondary option compared to Solid Fuel appliances, the reasoning for this is simple. Gas Prices have started to rise rapidly and are not set to stop.

Nevertheless, they are still common place and have many different ranges from traditional to contemporary. They provide instant heat and create no mess as opposed to Solid Fuel appliance. Start at the switch of a button and are extremely low maintenance.

No gas connection to the fire? No problem, with Certified Gas Engineers within the company this is something we’ll be able to assess, quote and complete for you.

Site Surveys

We’ll always suggest a site visit prior to providing quotations. This allows us to be more precise and see exactly what we’ll be coming up against. These visits are completely cost and obligation free. During the survey we’ll be able to answer questions or queries you as a consumer may have.

Survey’s last around 15 minutes, but can be more or less. We’ll take pictures with consent, accurate measurements and if needed check to make sure safe access to your chimney/roof can be made.

We’ll bring brochures and portfolio’s of completed work for you to see too.

Camera Testing

Concerned about the interior state of your chimney? Maybe its blocked and you don’t know why?

Fear no more, D.Cousins Fireplace and Stove Specialists will be able to come around to your property to conduct a ‘Camera Test’ to see what may be wrong.

With our state of the art camera we can send up the chimney we’ll be able to diagnose in minutes what could possibly be causing you problems. With our monitor by our side, not only we will be able to see. But you, the consumer will too.

Upon completion we’ll provide a full report of the test for you to keep for future reference.

HETAS Certification

All solid fuel fires MUST be signed off to HETAS Regulations. At the end of the works you will be presented with a certificate. This makes sure you’re appliance is legal and fitted to the current building regulations.

There are 3 copies of the certificate in question. A white copy, pink copy and yellow copy.

The white copy remains in our possession, the pink copy is left with yourselves and the yellow copy is sent back to HETAS. They in turn log the fire with your local authority/council to make sure everything is legitimate.

In the unlikely event of damage to your property through the fireplace installed. Your HETAS Certificate will work in line with your house insurance.

New Build Housing/Developers

We’re always looking to take on new work with property developers and new build housing companies.

After already establishing relationship’s with a number of developers already. We understand how to install a number of fires for full use or just decorative into New Build properties.

Testimonials from these companies and others are available HERE